An entire room that had been sealed off for five hundred years was discovered. How about that! How magical can it get. Excerpt from the article:

The research, led by Beatrix Nutz of Innsbruck University, examines a room that was discovered in the south wing of Castle Lengberg in 2008. Evidence shows that the room was sealed off in the late 15th-century, and its dry conditions helped preserve organic material such as twigs and straw, as well as worked wood, leather (mainly shoes) and textiles.




Beatrix Nutz' academic page with links to several relevant resources:

Bras in the 15th Century? A Preliminary Report by Beatrix Nutz:

BBC's official page on the matter:

A lengthier article at

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прошу извинить! но это мужские трусы изобразительных источников на них хватает.

Мне жаль, но я не понимаю. Не могли бы вы перефразировать так, что Google может сделать новый перевод?

I'm sorry, but I do not understand. Could you please rephrase so that Google can make a new translation?

трусы мужские.

Ах, трусы для мужчин. Я не знаю ни аналогичные выводы. Однако есть изображения мужчин, одетых в нижней рода, а также.

Ah, panties for men. I'm not aware of any similar findings. However there are images of men wearing the bottom kind as well.

вот ещё картинки


причем они могли быть цветными




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