Most of us doing Landsknecht accept that we have to make our own clothes but what sources do you all know of for off the shelf 16th century costumes/clothes?  Feel free to share your experience with any of these merchants.

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Off the shelf landsknecht garments - sounds like a contradiction. ;-) Shirts would work I reckon, plus shoes, belts, hats and other equipment details I guess.

I agree that "generic off the shelf landsknecht" is questionable but I have been asked for sources by a few fellows who just do not have access to a good seamstress or tons of money to throw around.  I suspect that finding another Landsknecht dressed too  much like yourself was grounds for a duel.

This is the sort of merchant that I would like to find more of:

Indeed. At least I wouldn't tolerate it for a second. is what comes closest I think. Still, their Faltenrock has too low a waisline for example. and the other stuff is more italian in nature. They should be able to do basic gard to slash yourself though.

Without trying to start a fight or anything but in how far is Tgertoggs in the least interesting? They have nothing of interest to our period whatsoever. So why do you recommend them?

Thank you.  That is a good source.

Tgertoggs is cheap.  He does have slightly better clothes than he lists in his catolog.  There are a lot of fellows in the SCA who want to do Landsknecht but have few resources.

These folks will get better gear someday but if they cannot find enough to at least get started they might be lost to the generic celt kydex kids.  Just a dream that I have. 

Okay, I was judging by his website. This explains it then. Still some examples of his supposedly better clothing would be interesting. Yet the cheapest piece of clothing is still a complete waste if it is not accurate enough.

Those SCA-Landsknechte actually look much better then many of the costumes wandering around here. ^^ But there is indeed always room for improvbement.

Someone I know bought the highheeled boots from the "cheap" Larpline and was decently satisfied. I need to ask her whether she still is. Those above don't look bad at all but when I shell out so much money I want the craftsmen measure me directly. Yet with cowmouths this is less of a problem as they are more forgiving with their sandal like structure. If I had the money, I'd probably give them a try.  Revival is having a 20% off sale until 1/26/13.

     I purchased some 15th century thigh high riding  boots from, with clump sole and hobnails, and they're wonderful.  The leather was vegetable tanned and dyed, and they were hand stitched with some stout linen thread.  They weren't cheap, but they're worth it!




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