Because everyone eats, and I am between weekends helping to feed my group, I thought this would be a good time to discuss WHAT everyone eats at events. Also, what are the favorite foods to HAVE out at an event.

I know that sausages are always popular (go figure) and with Kriegshunde Fahnlein, we're big on meat - type foods (although we do have some non-meat eaters and do our best to make sure they have enough, too).

Also, for the adventurous, do you have any favorite recipes, particularly of period Germanic dishes that you'd like to share here (pretty please!!! I'm always looking for something else yummy!!!).

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When we go abroad, we try to bring some typically swedish "medieval" food, pickled herring, and graved salmon. We usually eat bulgur wheat, whit cabbage fried in honey or turnips instead of rice and potatoes.
We bake pies, and cook nice casseroles.
Very nice that this subject was brought up, I have some old swedish books with food and related customs I am going to translate and put up.
yes, please transcribe!! we ahve the information, but find it very hard to read the script and the language, it is easier to figure out a modern word when you actually speak the language fluently to begin with.....
That sounds great, Jonas!!! I am such a foodie, it's wonderful to see what other foodie's eat!!! To echo Beth, PLEASE transcribe and post recipies. I'm sure she and I will have a great time trying new stuff!!!
Andrea, have you had a chance to check out They have a number of German medieval cookbooks transcribed and some are worked out in modern measure as well. Although, Marion McNealy has done some great work in correcting some errors in at least one of these translations (in their spice measures):
wait, we measure the spices???? I just do the oh that looks right :-)
I am bad, I take the basics and do with them what they pretty much did and what very few do now.. change it every time just a tad..
Of course, but then again professional cooks did have recipes (much like the alchemists did, and for similar reasons).
I tend to get the gist of the recipe and then do my own thing. I might follow it the first time (if I've never made said dish before) so I get the idea of what it's supposed to look/taste like, but I'm like Beth - "Oh, this looks tasty, let's add that!!!"
So long as the result tastes good and the ingredients are all from the period, I am happy to eat it! *grin* OK, I am generally just happy to eat it...
and also... no matter how much some have to be period, I am not going to make something that is not our modern or regional taste, I am so *not* into wasting food, and I have seen so much waste of food when someone is so much on the authentic soapbox as to make food that is not edible to our sensibilities..
But that is more the english then the german :-)

and again, professional verses home :-)

and they books were passed down for generations in some cases....

somewhere I started a listing of what was used, vegetables and such.. and spices.. and agin, we are also fortunate that we are not limited by what is in season...or the meat different depending on what the animal ate, why they make such a point of free range or grain fed animals now :-)
"...I have seen so much waste of food when someone is so much on the authentic soapbox as to make food that is not edible to our sensibilities.."

I hear you Beth, but being a food freak I can tell you that I have eatten a lot of wierd food in my time (including a healthy portion of the 'funky' period recipes) and I am always happy to try more! As a "history freak" I enjoy the whole experiance of cultural emersion (sans open sewers and body lice thankyouverymuch).
it wouldnt let me reply to the other hummph.. I didnt say I would be non period, I said I wouldnt make the funky totally period weird food no one would eat :-) slight difference... hey I like the imersion, just I make what I like from period recipies *lol*
I understand, really! I think we're both on the same page about what we can get 'the boys' to wolf down at the lunch table. It is usually something like this, "Meat-and-cheese, meat-and-cheese, meat-and...what is this weird green stuff? SALAD?!? Do I look like a rabbit?"




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