Because everyone eats, and I am between weekends helping to feed my group, I thought this would be a good time to discuss WHAT everyone eats at events. Also, what are the favorite foods to HAVE out at an event.

I know that sausages are always popular (go figure) and with Kriegshunde Fahnlein, we're big on meat - type foods (although we do have some non-meat eaters and do our best to make sure they have enough, too).

Also, for the adventurous, do you have any favorite recipes, particularly of period Germanic dishes that you'd like to share here (pretty please!!! I'm always looking for something else yummy!!!).

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I will try to dig out our recipe for the 'four meats' Pyes of Paris. I love this dish (it's accurate, tasty, and full of meat!), and the 'lid' of the upper crust provides a terrific backdrop for various pastry decoration. I have done one with a Doppelkopf and another with the Burgundian flag - complete with crown and flint-n-steels. It was almost a pitty to cut into them...

Actually, this version on Gode Cookery is pretty close to the one we use, including the boiled egg yokes (which are both tasty and pretty - but add just a little 'whatthehell' factor without being 'gross):
That sounds so tasty!!! I will have to give it a try probably for Ft. Mac this year. I want to start doing more cooking and I'm kinda liking pies right now (did a bunch of quiches over the last couple of weekends and the boys actually ATE them!!!).
Just remember, a nice sharp knife makes cutting the pastry additions to make the pretty tops *lots* easier! You know, I’ve never done a ‘Landsknecht’ topper on a pie’ could be amusing with the whole ‘meat-pie’ motif….*grin*
I was thinking cookie cutters. There's someone somewhere who does custom ones. Double-headed eagle, anyone?
I wonder if there are any Springerle moulds out there with a Doppelkopf... or perhaps a later period Swiss Card Deck...
The printer out at RPFS makes those playing cards. You could probably find someone to make molds to match. All you'd need to give them is a picture.
I have those card sets, part of my 'Gin and Sin' collection of goodies. *chuckle* Given that HoTH already has a later period set that they cloned from the original (and the fact that I bet a woodcarver would charge even more than the Hill's asking price of $74 USD for a set), I will just have to save my pennies. *grin*
I did some digging for 'period and edible' recipies on Here is what I found:

Fried beans (1545, England):

Apple Tart (14th C 'Form of Curry' and 17th C 'Proper New Book of Cookery':

Cheese/Egg Tart (1591 - Double Crust Quiche?):

'Deviled Eggs':

There are loads of recipies for 'greens', 'wortes' and 'salad/salat', but you should read them to see what you think the boys will stomach.
In my group we try to eat as period as possible. But sommething we just don't know. But somme ideas

spinnach whith some Tagliatelle and egs or salmon

stews (pig ,lamb, rabbit, beef etc) whith season vegetabels

roasted boar or pig with hunny thyme

bread with salmon (hot or cold)

wrap a salmon or trout in salt dough and then ut them in the fire so the fish is baked.

we have just trough out the day always apples, oranges, nuts, dried fruits, cooked egs, bread, chees, dried sausages etc for food

yes I know my english is terrible
Not strictly accurate - but I take the Tudor Kitchen Mutton and Ale stew (that I assume most people have) and reduce it down and bake it as pies- I works VERY well... Esp. if you go heavy on the onions and throw in a dollop of good mustard...
A very nice approach that we usually use, are to consider what time period (summer, autumn etc) we are in and what the area would be able to yield.
That said, a summer/early autumn event would perhaps yield what ever meat you have accsess too, mushrooms, apples and so forth. Along with this, you could add cream, wheat, butter, smoked meat/saussages/fish, honey, beer, wine and whatnots. Then with this in mind, I start to think of dishes that can be made. Why not pork marinated in apple juice with a stew of onions, mushrooms and apple. Or saussages with onions, garlic and wine. The list goes on. Use your imaginations. The above mentioned dishes have been welcomed by my knechts at least :D
Cooking without recepes and using your ammagination is realy fun. And it is realistic as Landsknechts lived from the land. In my group we do it almost evry event.

As a basic we have a chest which is filled with herbs and spices which where availebel for Landsknechts in that time. I do the shopping and by seasonal vegtabels, somme meat or fish or egs. mostly the cheapest beacuse we have a maximum of 20 euro per person for a weekend for all the food and drinks.

Because we have not a fixed cook on the event the cooks present itself with the massage " I want to cook saturday or sunday" And if no cook presnet him or herself it is apointed. But that has never happenned.

Because of this everyone is abel to prepare a good meal and sommetimes you tast somm experimental kinds of things which are mostly very tastfull.



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