Hello all... Looking at our camp this last event, I realized just how boring it was!  I want to paint some silk banners/ flags and spruce everything up :)

The black and white woodcuts give me some ideas of what I might want... but I would be interested in hearing about everyone's adventures in flag making. What would really scream "LANDSKNECHT!"

Colors, designs, size, references? 

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As much as everyone loves the Double Headed eagle it really is the imperial banner of the Hapsburgs and may or may not be one you want to carry. The cross of St. Andrew is a fairly popular design as well. There are numerous wood cuts out there that have images of the different city flags and some of those might be interesting. For military flags geometric patterns of horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes are particularly appropriate. I am about to make a new flag that is based upon a particular unit from Strasburg that has two horizontal red lines on a white field with a diagonal red below.  I've also attached an article on the different flags of Strasburg that I took the design from.

Apparently the file is .5 mb to big. PM me and I can email it to you.

Some tried and true blazons. 



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