I am hoping to either build or buy a period tent in the coming months.  I'm working on a 1520's-1530's Landsknecht kit, and want a tent that is space effective, and one that "looks right".  The three options I am most interested in are the wall tent (often called a Roman Wall Tent here in the US), a center pole round pavilion, or a bell wedge tent.  My persona is from the Free County of Burgundy (Franche-Comte du Burgogne), near the border with the Alsace. 


Any thought or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Je Reste,





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In our group we have a version of the "Basel pavilion". It is a center pole pavilion 5 meter in height and 5 meter in diameter. The center pole can be taken apart in two. It is stabilized by the lines that are fastened in the fabric by metal hooks. You can also hitch up the sides to make a roof only. Here you can see a photo. It is to the right in the picture. (The ground was not level)

 It takes less space than you think. The only problem is the pole, but sometimes you can buy a pole at the site where youre going.

The Basel pavilion is my first choice for certain.  My biggest concern is the footprint, because I often travel to events alone.  The big war that I attend has a space limit (ten feet by ten feet per person for a tent), so I would need to find someone to share the tent with me.  I really like the look of this one, though. 

OK, more seriously, there seem to be a lot of oval-marquis and round pavilions with flared sides in contemporary artwork although Landsknechts seem to have used just about anything.

You might want to start looking at:


Thank you.  I've been mulling over images like these, and the tents available from Panther, Tentsmiths, midwest tent, and a few others.  I am leaning at this point toward making my own, just so I can get exactly what I want.


i have a round paviljon and a bell tent. The paviljon is quite big and takes long to build up. But with a poleiron which I stick in the ground it's possible to put up alone. The bell tent takes alone half a hour and with 2 just 5 minutes.

With a bit of practice, the pavilion neatly packed with ropes, hooks and spikes in order it shouldn't taker more than 20 mins to raise a Basel pavilion. It would be possible to raise one alone, but 2 or 3 people makes it much easier.

Our pavilions have 2 entries and you can role up the walls to air it, dry the possibly moist ground or just use it as a big umbrella, plus it looks cool.



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