I am looking for more documentation showing cast iron (and similar) cook ware for Landsknecht era camping.  Does anyone have some good sources to share?

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Culinary history is such a complex and many-splendored thing!
See I told you this was a badass pan.
LOL. especially if you hit somebody upside the head with the lid.
My other thought was the Dark Lord's pan. Flaming Eye Struedel, anyone? It's just precioussss!
Hmmm... I guess I better make one, then. probably prototype it in steel, with a weld-up construction, then iffin' it works- see about having the guys in Carson or Moundhouse make it in bronze.

Could be fun! Especially as I watch Cher turn green with envy. And then beat me with the lid. Hmm... maybe this isn't such a good plan.
*begins to look a little green*
In Green, you look simply marvelous, me dear.

Rob, if you are making up a model for casting, why not make it out of wood?

I just wanted to bump this thread back to life since it has been a while and I suspect that other folks have made some improvements in your cookware collections and maybe even found some more references. 

My current "kick" is tinned copper and I have had some luck finding a lot of pewter. 

I found this bit on-line yesterday:



Are you having copper pieces tinned, or are you finding them already finished this way?  I have a couple of pieces I've picked up that I would like retinned. 

The link does not seem to want to open all the way for me(?)

Apparently there are three levels of tinning quality: best- thickly applied with visible brush strokes, good - thin hot applied tin, bad - very thin electroplated tin.  So far I have found copper items that run from very well tinned to needing retinning.   There are various online how to sites for retinning yourself and a lot of retinning services that seem just a wee bit pricey.  (I do not know enough yet to recommend any of them.) 

Even with tinning it does not seem to be a good idea to let food cool in a copper pan and certainly not an unlined copper or bronze pan.  I am supposed to use a wooden spoon so as not to scratch the tin.  I cannot let the copper pans get over 450F of the tin can melt off.  I never had to worry about the safety of cast iron like this. On top of this I have run into at least one source that claims that copper was not used (at least in England) for cooking pots until the 17th century but I see at least one Landsknecht camp picture that shows a long handled skillet with a dark outside and white inside.  While it is sometimes hard to see just what a wood cut artist is trying to show us that looks like my new/old long handled tinned copper Turkish skillet.

Very bottom right->

At only $24.95 for a very usable 14 quart cast iron cauldron this looks really good but the $155.+ shipping to Juneau will keep me from buying one.  Even if cast iron is questionable before 1607 this would still dress up many camps. 


Hmmmm.... About $25 to ship to me. You going to Pennsic this year? We could possibly work something out. I'd like to get one of these as well. Do they combine ship?



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