I am looking for more documentation showing cast iron (and similar) cook ware for Landsknecht era camping.  Does anyone have some good sources to share?

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It does not look like we can do PENNSIC this year but we might make:  http://www.kwdms9.com/  after picking up my wife's truck in PA.  IF SO, then I might try and make the best of it gathering up cast iron cookware, cheap anvils, Piper Cherokee parts, and other hard to ship stuff.  We have some bulky camp stuff in the truck that we might be able to drop off at the West Kingdom PENNSIC storage unit first. 

Hey, if you're going to be in C-bus you have to stop in for a bite at "Schmidt's Sausage Haus". It's in the Columbus "German Village". Good eats!


Does that mean that you are attending KWDMS and will act as our tour guide?    My wife has even managed to reconstruct some 16th century HRE dance choreography (could still use a little refinement but her research is over the top).  It looks to me like Germans were dancing fools in the 16th century but did not leave us any books like the Italians did.

Back to the regularly scheduled topic, I just received a 2qt copper (alloy) cauldron from an Ebay auction and polished it inside and out last night.  I still want at least a wooden lid and it is not tinned inside. 

Before I decide to tin it or not, what foods are absolutely safe to cook in unlined copper?  Candy?  Boil water?  Egg whites?  Porridge/gruel? 

My attending will depend on work/finances when the time comes. I live in Northern Kentucky (about a hour and a half away).

No you know that I am obliged to give you a hard time for saying that an hour and a half drive is a long ways to go to an interkingdom event.    I hope that I am not the only person there in Landsknecht guarb.

Oh, I know. I've been trying to get more folk into "Proper Cloths" but around here we have a very high number of Norse and Saxons (1066 variety). It's difficult to count back to the last reign that was even 15th C. I've been having to hang around with Scots and (gasp) English to be able to have a late period conversation. I was looking forward to the School of the Ren Soldier coming up but finances are making chances look a little grim.

By the way. My "cast iron" pot gets delivered on Wednesday. 8^D


Had to add Cast iron in case the feds are watching. (and they are!)


Some one else posted thier current camp kitchen on: http://foodsoftheworld.activeboards.net/forums.html  There are some good ideas here. 

Does that firebox fold in half? The way those handles are set suggest that it does!

Rather than act as a middle man for someone else's cooking gear, you can drop in and ask at: http://foodsoftheworld.activeboards.net/old-tinned-copper-cookware_...

That cant be a period piece of equipment...

You should build one of these instead...

Is your cooking platform basically an assembled wooden box filled with gravel?  The fact that it is raised would not bother my back.   



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