I am looking for more documentation showing cast iron (and similar) cook ware for Landsknecht era camping.  Does anyone have some good sources to share?

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It is a wooden box that can be taken apart. It has a roof but it is a couple of cm down so you have a frame around it. Inside you put a layer of gravel or dirt, maybe 5 cm deep. On top you but a layer of bricks. Voilá, a fireproof, fairly period kitchen.  

My  cast iron pot was recieved this past week. I'll soon have it seasoned and ready to cook. I am thinking of fashioning a bail for it so it can be suspended if necessary.


Did the "boot pullers" come with it?   How rough or smooth is the inside?  About how heavy is it? 

It's not as heavy as you'd think, maybe around 20lbs I'd guess. The hooks came with it. It's a little course on the inside, but not as bad as some I've seen. I think after a little love and bacon fat it'll be great.

The weight on the box with packing, hooks and all was 25 lbs.

The color picture is especially interesting.  That appears to be a fire blackened untinned copper cauldron sitting on a quatro pieas like in this photo.  Stewed chickens?  There is also an interesting toaster/grill behind it that might be wrought or cast iron(?)  I am slowly adding more ceramic/earthenware to my camp cooking gear too. 

Notice how similar the copper cauldron in this 17th century Dutch painting is to the one shown in the woodcut. 

Regrettably, I do not have more images of German camps representing cast-iron parts... It says if it is to reproduce a cooking(kitchen) of camp, you should not forget that metals being of an important price(prize), the ceramic was more used... And cauldrons were often potteries of forms similar or still adapted to the uses(practices)....


This late 15th/early 16th century illustration seems to be showing a cast iron cauldron. It is drawn seamless, no rivets are shown, and it is black inside as well as outside.



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