Anyone know of a good source for (preferably 16th century style) pans and cauldrons?


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Hi Kapten,

For example one finds there the first known picture of a fork!

Maybe the first picture, but not the first fork:

It wasn't the Swiss after all ;-)

Wow! Well, I couldn't swear on it, it's Jacques Rolland's claim in The Food Encyclopedia via Wikipedia.

Speaking of folding knives, there's of course the famous 1560 folding knife also:

That's brilliant ;)

It's looking like one of the Mary Rose replicas from historic castings (Ouch!). And the kindle edition of Scappi's Opera just came home with her too! You guys are enablers of her cooking addiction..... my stomach loves you all, my coronary arteries are whimpering ;)
I take that as a compliment, it being very knechtesque to facilitate gluttony.
Absolutely. Tho' I'm fairly sure the peascod bellies for my doublets are sposed to be cosmetic, not inbuilt on the wearer....

Hopefully Tom has successfully found something that his wife loved already but here is a similar skillet discussion that might help other camp cooks:


From the Thirty years war, nice!



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