Something I have been working on for a while now: I got a blade made after an orignal sold in an auction and have made the elements that decorate the hilt after doing the crossguard. 
I shaped the hilt after an original in the Met:

It is almost ready except for the engraving of the pommel. I'm very much in love with the shape and proportions of this weapon. And, like the originals it is modelled after, those little asymmetries and imperfections make it very lively - plus it puts it into my skill range ;-) 

Of course there is still the matter of the scabbard ... :-P

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That is extremely beautiful!

And another step ahead on the weekend - completed the sheath, 2 layer construction with stamping after a surviving original only slightly larger than mine. Next is the chape and then, finally, engraving the pommel to finish the whole project off eventually. 


PS: scroll for pictures of the making.




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