I am going to sew me at coat for the cold nights this spring. maybe something like this in the picture below. Now I am looking for patterns. Any help? :-)

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Been looking myself- almost nothing out there, it seems. Civilians wore a schaube, sometimes- which I think that is, but us soldier-y types get to be cold, it seems!

I'd love to see other examples- has anyone found any?
Yes, I´d like models from around 1510-1530. (does anyone know from what painting he picture above is?). Up here in the north it would be nice to have a nice coat or schaube, quite thick so you can sleep in it at night... What i like with the one above is that it seems to have some kind of hood.
Good i wondered wich year it was from. 1531 is perfect.
Nice! I didnt know Marin put up a pattern of his coat.
is there a link to the patern in english?


I am going to measure it up. I´ll put up the measures here.
thanks, measurements would be great
I am sorry, I misspelled. His name is Martin (Skoog).
what book is that from ?



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