Drei Schnittbücher: 3 16th c Austrian Master Tailor Books - KICKSTARTER

Remember the old days, when you and 20 of your friends were lucky to find a copy of the Single Leaf Woodcuts at the local library to pour over? And now? BAM! Not one but THREE previously unpublished German tailoring books - photographed, documented, translated and diagrammed. 

This is the work of Katherine Barich and Marion McNealy and represents *years* of research, travel and investment on their part. There has never been another book of this kind for the type of clothing that we all wear. And without our support, it will never get finished. 


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Hello folks! For those of you who don't know it, the book in this post is slated to be released in August of this year. Both Marion McNealy and Katherine Barich are hard at work, research and editing. 

For those who didn't get to be in on the Kickstarter - good news! The book will also be available for direct sales. :) I will post more information as soon as it becomes available. 



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