What is the earliest evidence of distinct and possible blunderbusses that you all can post?

I have an early 18th century reproduction and it has been more fun that I expected so I would like to see how far back I can find examples and what they look like.

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By the way, do you know any good maker of landsknecht guns?  You might want to take a look st these. 

I just read a very bad review of Pirate Fashions worth reading before ordering anything from them:

Apparently this is NOT  actually an example of a widened bore blunderbuss though. 

You have to be careful referring to a simple line drawing as if it were a photo. Lots of cartoony exagerations are often present that would have been obvious to contemporary viewers, but can confuse modern viewers. The drawing probably depicts an arquebus with a "cannon" muzzle(muzzle that is much thicker for added strength). However, as one posted extant example shows, there were guns with flared muzzles. Lots of experimentation was happening with early firearms during the late 15th to end of 16th centuries. For example, there is a rail gun from the Mary Rose with a rectangular muzzle. It was apparently an anti personnel weapon that was loaded with nasty angular chiseled iron shot. I think it would be plausible to build a hypothetical reconstruction arquebus with a short, large bored ,flared muzzle barrel. It could serve the same purpose as the later blunderbuss; a gnarly close range scatter gun. The details of the stock and lock will place it in the particular date you want it to portray. However, I would call the weapon an arquebus rather than a blunderbuss, as blunderbuss is an 18th century term.

These drawings show several flared muzzles but not not necessarily flared bores(?)

This is a wonderful collection of matchlocks:

The 2nd from the back looks suspiciously like a matchlock blunderbuss.  Anyone live near the Army Museum in Dresden and able to check this matchlock out?  I would like to know if the inside of the barrel is flared making it a true blunderbuss or just a "crowned" or thickened outside barrel.  Also, what year it was made. 



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