Emperor Maximilian and the art of the Dürer-era - Exhibition in Vienna until the 6.1.2013!!! Painted Triumph by Altdorfer on display!!!!

Holy cow, how could I have missed this until now. Read about in my newspaper today:


The awesome thing is, the painted triumph by Altdorfer is shown, its still extant 50 meters in one piece as originally intended. This is a first and thus I need to go there.  It will most likely be the weekend of the 5./6.1.2013. Who is joining in? :-D

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we were in vienna last weekend and its interesting. not only the triumph but also another paintings and peaces exhibited there. there is also maximillians armor, sword, xbow....you will like it

I'll be there tomorrow the whole day. *freu*

grr- I just saw this and I could have trained it over. 

Was it good?

Most excellent! A pity you couldn´t see it. :-(

I would very much liked to have seen it. And I love Vienna too. Wasn't possible this time.

It was displayed 1938, 1959 and 2012. Let´s hope is doesn´t take another 50 years. I sincerely hope they´ll release a Faksimile to enjoy it in proper size. I´d buy that in a second.



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