this would not be so funny if it was not true

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Slighty exaggerated ;) but yeah.
While I was slightly offended the first time I saw this I kind of realized that this is how I usually describe midsummer eve to people from other countries.

Never did like midsummer eve much as while most of them have been nice quiet celebrations of summer with family and friends but...
Some of them have turned into this. While most people have generally gone home (or to someone elses home=) there are always people who just don't quit on time.

If you are in Sweden during this holiday I would recommend that you tag along with someone sensible as it's a nice and friendly celebration but this do happen at alot of places...
of coarse its exaggerated. I can just imagine that guy at the end being Sven. dancing around the pole, still drunk from the night before.
The only difference is that we dont dress up so fancy... ;-)
Kind of reminds me of some Squadron parties we had in the Corps. LOL
Malaius, when you come over to us we can show you :)
I can bring Sven and Siggy



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