Hafted Weapons in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Passing along an online version of this book that was posted by a friend on Livejournal. From the foreword by Walter J. Karcheski, Jr., "Despite this great potential interest and historical importance, the study and publication of European staff weapons has lagged greatly when compared to that of other weapons, especially as regards those works published in the English language...."

This book goes a long way toward filling this gap. I have only begun to read it, but I look forward to comparing notes with anyone else in this group who would like to download it and discuss!

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OK, the fact that this weapon is known as a 'Bohemian Ear Spoon' makes me want to order some for a certain group of Horsemen I know...
I can make you one of those...
*chuckle* I know, but paying for four 'gag gifts' is a little beyond my expenses at the present time. Besides, I am pretty sure hubby could whip these up too!
Hehe- like we never thought of having four of these made "back in tha day." :)

Nice to be thought of though!
Always sweetheart!
Wow, they want $170 for that book on Amazon. I know because it's been on my wish list for a couple years. Thanks for sharing that!
No problem!
Interesting that those square spikes you see all the time on the sides of war hammers are actually nuts. I always figured they'd be a rivet.



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