Hofkleiderbuch (Abbildung und Beschreibung der Hof-Livreen) des Herzogs Wilhelm IV. und Albrecht V. 1508-1551

I've been planning on a new Waffenrok based on the illuminations in this book.


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These pictures are absolutely gorgeous man! They´re really kicking and casts bright light on many questions. Thanks a million times for sharing.
Great stuff! It won't be any problems designing waffenroks from now on, I can tell you that!
473-478... Those shields can´t be real?
Do you mean with the helms and scrolls all over them? The shields are displayed in heraldic form. The helms display the crest as it would appear in parade or possibly tournament. The shields, without all the scrolls, vines and whatnot, display the registered arms of the bearer.
Appologies. I thought you were referring to a different book. The "Hewing or Dueling" shields appear in this manual as well as one by Hans Talhoffer. Here's some sparing with them on You Tube.
They were used for judicial duels and other such trial by combat.

Never heard or seen them before.
Intresting dueling weapons. For once I am amazed at what ways people can imagine beating up others with.
Talhoffer's books cover several forms of Judicial Duels. There's even ways that they "Leveled the playing field" when the trial was between a man and a woman.
The man would be fighting while in a hole armed with a club or mace and the woman would be armed with "A rock wrapped in a veil".
Yes! I love the renderings in this. I have an award scroll with some of the dagger fighters from this manual for the illumination done in a black ink drawing.
Look at the calf muscles on those guys...

Awesome links
Hi there! I had understood that these are Bavarian court garments. Terrific inspiration, and with some clear examples in other parts of the German speaking areas. But there are a few items that I haven't seen anywhere on a landsknecht image (like the low, slouchy ankle-boots: http://mdz10.bib-bvb.de/~db/0001/bsb00016900/images/index.html?seite=7). I also don't recall having seen the fringe that is present on the Waffenrock sleeves and neckline as on the bottom images of that same page, or the 'cowls' that over the neck and heads - other than in the Paumgartner Altar on St. Eustace: http://www.wga.hu/art/d/durer/1/03/3paumg.jpg .
i found this a while bach and i find myself referring to it often
I just posted a blog entry on a wappenrock I made based on this book.



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