I am curious how everyone made their hats. The few I made myself are complete disasters.. mainly looking like a seagull landed and died on my head.

So how did you make yours? And tips and tricks?


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Those are lovely!
I use thick wools interlined with horsehair, and find that gives enough stiffness for all but the largest hats (plus it doesn't flop or break down in the rain.) Iron-on horsehair interfacing will work, but pad-stitched horsehair and cloth is even better.  The techniques in Janet Arnold's PoF seem to work - it does take some time, but they hold up! (the one in my profile pic is 18 years old and counting)

I am Really interested in your findings from Janet Arnold. Witch book is exactly (as I only have the 1560 to 1620 and I could not find it in there.

I would be very interested in constructing my hats more historically correct. Any help you would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated.


Worked the Ren Faire at Fishers Indiana, USA over the weekend in the SCA encampment. I was making hats in the tailor shop. Got two tellerberets near completed. Just need sweatbands and chin straps. Then decision on how much plumage to add and other embellishments. Pictures as soon as I can recharge the batteries in the camera.

I just finished up my first hat! I used 100% red wool and the instructions on this page http://www.historiclife.com/pdf/landsknechthatandcoif.pdf.

It didn't quite come out as well as I'd like ... the top worked out great, but the brim was tricky. I tried to do the solid brim but I was a few inches short on wool and it just wouldn't work right, so I had to settle for the starfish style. Looks good on top, I think, but the underside is a bit of a dog's breakfast. Attempt #2 will be forthcoming ...



Haha what an expression "dog's breakfast"!

I believe they were made of heavier wool, I think that's what you need to get the proper feel.



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