I am trying to make a new hat  but after a few trial and error (and
curses) I am in great need of help to interpret how this hat could have
been made.

By the look of it, it seems like the "arms" are sewn in one piece, so I 1) tried to cut out a circle and cut out the "arms"
and then fold them. But it seems to be a bit luxurious use of fabric so i
tried instead to 2) draw diagonal arms on a square fabric and then
tried to fold them into a round hat.

- 1 was the best result, but it do seems odd that they would have use a such large pieace of fabric.
- 2 was much more efficient, but it was a lot "extra" fabric that made
the hat unnecessary thick.
... So I tried a third way 3) cutting long stripes and then just fold them.

All three methods end up in my next problem: when folding the "arms" as
they seem to look at the picture into a round shape, then the "arms"
will be a bit floppy and didn´t end up looking at all as the picture.

Have someone done this type of hat before or does someone have an
idea about how the pattern should look like?

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How thick and rubust is the cloth you are using? You might get a better result by using something thicker and stronger to avoid the floppy-effect.
I´m using wool. The biggest problem is how I should fold the "arms" so it looks like the picture?
Hmm... perhaps the "arms" is not meant to be flat
Well they look like they are rather flat. Add more puff under the "arms" to fix them in place?
How do you attach them to the top of the hat?
I ´ve got an idea today of making it cylindrical:

- Slice a square piace of the fabric (leave a couple of cm in the ends)
- sew it to a cylinder
- add some puff
- flatten it - then twist it a couple of centimeters to make it look like the pic.

hmm... I test it today and see if it could be the solution...

(I will probably just sew something onto the top to cover, havn´t thought about it yet =)
Your idea should do the trick. I might be stating the obvious but make sure the "arms" are pressing against the puff so they can't flop around.
If I made the squere piece diagonal, then it worked!

I post a pic and description when hat is finished.
Did your new hat come out like you planned?
Exactly, use thicker wool. Many modern hats are made of wool, and they are very stiff. It all depends on how dense and heavy your cloth is.
I am attempting a hat in which I had similar issues. I too am using wool, which caused floppiness. I used small rectangles of buckrum in the center of my arms where I wanted the fold to have body/be stiffer with more shape. I constructed mine, which is not the same hat, with strips. I attached the strips at and angle to one another with also helped with the floppy problem.

When I made them, I did it with some string, chalk, and a big ruler- I drew a circle, then drew in 6 arms, not quite meeting each other at the circumference of the circle. I found arm length worked best about 1.5x the radius of my circle beyond the circumference. It is quite a luxurious use of cloth, but I used the offcuts to stuff the 'ring', so they weren't entirely wasted. Is this right? I don't know. But I got a very similar set of explanations to you! :)





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