I know someone on here might be interested in this stuff.

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The helmet looks just like the kind I'm looking for.
I thought you might. 8^) I'm thinking about getting one myself. I have to check out the size though. I have a big melon of a head.
I own one of the helmets. Very nice for the price. Problem with mine was that the anti-rust paint was applied after the inlay had been put in. So no rust-protection where it is most needed. ;-) That´s what you potentially get for buying cheap. Mark you though, not all helmets of this kind I was able to have a look at were like this.
So, still a reccomendable low-cost version in my opinion.
Where did you get the helmet?
I rather like low prices.
That was via www.battlemerchant.com here in Germany. http://www.gdfbglobal.com/ has it, too.
Thank you.
I ordered a helmet and the jack chains with elbows.. :-) I dont know how I will fit them but I am looking for a nice breastplate.
I am also looking for sources on how to add padding my Bishops Mantle (Aventail).
I found this picture which shows a whole setup with hood, and I am thinking about modifying it.

I still dont know how to do close to the neck. Maybe just line it with leather.



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