I finished another Kuhmaul shoe. This one is based on the find from Alpirsbach, but differs in a few details. For further description and pictures please see my posts at


https://www.facebook.com/leatherworkthroughtheages/posts/4428807559... and



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Very Nice!

I have been looking for sources on the Alpirsbach shoe, but I can´t find any. Do you have a pattern?

When I searched for the shoe I found this pair of pants:

The pattern looks like landsknecht hosen without slashes. :)

Hi Jonas,

there is no pattern for this shoe AFAIK. Photos and a description are published in: 

Fingerlin, Ilse. Textil- und Lederfunde. In: Alpirsbach. Zur Geschichte von Kloster und Stadt. Textband 2. Forschungen und Berichte der Bau- und Kunstdenkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg 10 (Stuttgart 2001) 715-817

The rest is doing, guessing, improving ...



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