Do anyone have any woodcuts ocr paintings on Knechts wearing gambeson?


Did they weare them?

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I'm sure they wore something under their armor as padding, probably a Wams, but usually they wore a Waffenrock on top.  

Here's  working link for the Hofkleiderbuch (Abbildung und Beschreibung der Hof-Livreen) des Her... 

No need for padding under the armour. The Wams should be enough. Yet wams =/= padding. For more complex armour like full suits I gather that they wore something like an arming doublet as we have seen in 15th century but I know of no illustrations of the early 16th century.

They did not seem to wear classical gambeson aka Padded Jacks or the like. At least I do not know any reliable evidence for that. They didn´t really need one anyway as breastplates and splinted arms in combination with the wams worked plenty well or even better then a jack.

I have seen one crucification scene where the wams with its wide sleeves clearly looked padded aka a gambeson. I do not trust this illustration much as it is a crucification scene (antiquisation in work and all that) and one of its kind. Even if they didn´t wear padded armour in real life, an experiment would still be interesting though. ^^


Très cool! I like his padded hat too.

I'm not sure the green garment the landsknecht in "1538 allemagne portement de croix 0+1" is actually a gambeson. It could be just slightly padded cloth, i.e. a doublet.

Yes the problem with the former(ancient) images it is because we do not have more information! We can just try to imagine the object...


Thanks Olivier, the big picture is the one I was referring to.


And I didn´t know picture 2 and 3 so far so thanks for that.



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