I've been trying to find a landsknecht group here in France (west coast) or possibly the UK but to no avail.

Can anyone help me? I gave clothing that I NEED to wear.

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Salut Kat,

Tu es française ?

Anyway, if you open the Members menu, pick Advanced Search, then enter France as country and click Search you'll get a list of everybody that has entered France as their country. Perhaps any of them can help you.

I know there are several French landsknechts around, Olivier Goudal has been quite active for example, perhaps he can be of help.

Good luck!

Thank you Kapten, No I'm not French, I'm Australian but am currently living in France. I'm moving to the UK in about 2 weeks.

Evening Kat..

There are a few of us in the UK doing landsknecht, a lot of us however are only part time knecht, also doing War of the Roses or Tudor as well (and/or other periods..)

Whereabouts in the UK are you heading..? That will help narrow it down..


Sorry for the VERY slow delay. Life has been crazy with settling into to the UK and finding jobs. 

We are in the Gloucestershire area, Stroud/Tewkesbury region.




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