So dose anyone know a armorer that works in Spring Steal?
Specifically gauntlets.


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Check on the Armour Archive in the "Classifieds" section. Post what you want and any armorers who do will chime in.
yeah did that didn't get a response
Hi Gottfried.

You are still in Germany, right? Just give me a call (fonenumber is on my homepage) and we talk about which steel and gaunlets you want, if you want to.
I know an armour in Kansas who is making some gorgeous german gauntlets (1520ish)
How about hardened and tempered Stainless?
Light but they will be there for your grandkids.....

Good to 200000 psi of impact.

Look up Talon Armory on Facebook.
Still looking for the gauntlets? You can also ask there, if you want to:

master Glendaur from Talon Armoury is working in Spring Stainless. AND he makes 16th century German Mitten gauntlets.   ooooooooooohhhhhhh so "my Precious".......


Ugo works almost exclusively in spring steel now. Best form and best articulation I have ever experienced.



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