I see lots of help on here and many questions being answered with extreme detail which is amazing! I play in the SCA and personally I like to be as accurate as possible with my garb. I plan to make some actual Landsknecht garb in the near future and am looking for general assembly tips and fabric suggestions. I have very little experience sewing and pattern making so any tips there would be a huge help. And to get the right look what are some good fabrics that can be used that wont break the bank? Thank you in advance for all the help I am sure to get

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This is a great idea.
We should start a how-to make a basic landsknecht garb. I have some patterns I will try to scan and then we can discuss the details. 

That would be amazingly helpful! I bought the recreating history patterns and made the open wams and they just didnt look quite right. Since it was my first attempt at making the items I didnt use wool or felted wool because it is so expensive. I used cotton duck cloth which is possibly most of the problems becuase it didnt hang right. I was looking through lots of the pictures on here and the forums and it seemed like I needed to do a third layer to get everything to hang correctly and puff correctly but I thought I would ask the experts for some help and tips before dropping more money on a possible failure for experimentation. I will be eagerly waiting patiently for a newcomers guide to clothing making!

Where do you live Mike?

I live in Frederick Maryland

What author is that?

I will try to scan the images this weekend...

If you are talking about the patterns I bought they are reconstructing history. I dont know why I always refer to them as recreating history.

Mike, I live in Alexandria VA and have been helping another fellow make a few Rocken. I can help you with drafting your own patterns and learning to make it right. 

That would be AMAZING! What do I need to do to make that happen?

I've sent you a friend request so we can private message and set up some details.

I might be able to help. I have plans to make a couple of outfits in the near future, hopefully. (It depends on how busy real life makes me.) I will be trying a few new things with these outfits, which, if I get them right, will help with getting the overall look to work correctly. I already know that choice of materials plays a big part. I might be able to make a guide to making landsknecht clothing. Some of my views differ from some of the popular ideas about landsknect clothing. I also have the Reconstructing History patterns but don't necessarily agree with all of Kass's views.

Mike, I also live in Alexandria, VA, and might be able to help you personally, if so desired.

I will never turn down help on things! The cloth choice definitely matters from what I have seen. A friend of mine made a set out of crafting felt and though it hung correctly it just didnt look quite right. Felt is certainly way cheaper then a nice wool but I think I have been looking at the wrong stuff and dont want to spend the very limited money I have to buy the wrong stuff and look ridiculous. 

It sounds like Alexandria area is the place to be for Landsknechte. Is anyone else in the SCA that we could meet up at an event sometime?

I'm also in Northern VA and looking to start making more Landsknect garb.  I currently have a fighting waffenrock and a fancy one (below) made by friends of mine.  I'm looking to make some regular Landsknect garb for events.  I used to have a copy of the Recreating History patterns but I think I need to buy a new set.  My garb is not correct yet but I'm working on it.



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