I see lots of help on here and many questions being answered with extreme detail which is amazing! I play in the SCA and personally I like to be as accurate as possible with my garb. I plan to make some actual Landsknecht garb in the near future and am looking for general assembly tips and fabric suggestions. I have very little experience sewing and pattern making so any tips there would be a huge help. And to get the right look what are some good fabrics that can be used that wont break the bank? Thank you in advance for all the help I am sure to get

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I sincerely doubt the validity of your hat-hierarchy theory, at least in the order of birth department. The clothing regulations I have seen from the early 16th century usually are not that specific and rather tend to regulate things like how valuable the jewellery may be or how many much cloth might be used for a shirt, especially which fur might be used by whom. So you should underline your well known "fact" with some more sources.

Concerning the pictoral sources I tend to disagree as well. We have pictures of older people with the smaller beret styles/caps as we have young ones with more elaborate berets. On the point of clothing depicting social standing I agree to a degree. For example we see  the Schaube and and very often a certain style of cap whose name escapes me currently as the attire for scholars. But most other forms of clothing just differed in their quality/material/decoration depending on which level in society you occupied, not basic form.

I love this discussion but it would be so much easier to follow if you could add pictorial examples.

Thanks for your response. I agree with many of your comments. I have not been able to find specific sumptuary laws regulating hat styles. However, I feel the visual evidence indicates that there is something being communicated by particular hat styles other than simply the wearer's fashion sense. Birth order is one possibility, as well as maybe marriage status. I agree that from the visual evidence, age does not seem to determine the style of hat men wore. That is one of the reasons I think the styles could indicate birth order, as that would not change over one's lifetime. It is possible that particular hat styles were worn by certain people purely out of social tradition, and would not be regulated by written law. I agree that scholars, as well as clergy,have recognizable clothing and headwear styles.
I will try to post images soon.

I would be very interested to see examples of what you are describing from multiple artists and areas. Given the tendency for written records to cover most forms of socially derived clothing choices (outside of those dictated by personal preference and regional differentiation) I find it hard to simply accept the theory at face value. However, I do believe that is possible for a cultural cue to be so 'normalized' that it is simply accepted without specific written record.  In order to better evaluate this line of thinking it would be necessary to establish a broad based sampling of visual records to back it up. 


No problem I will look for the pictures and I am sure I will find them on wikipedia. I found my picture there as well so I think there will be no problem with it.

I am also about to start on a Landsknecht costume soon, but after reading parts of this I'm concerned.  If I use the Reconstructing History patterns (which I have) and I use the materials they suggest will it turn out crappy?  If so I don't want to waste time and material on a crappy costume.

Like me I am guessing that you are more comfortable working with leather than fabric(?)

I have had half an idea of making over sleeves by just sewing 6-8 oz leather strips into armour similar to:

See how the vertical strips running the length of the arm just have horizontal straps sewn around the arm at intervals?  Sewing would probably look best (I have a nice top make like that out of 3-4 oz leather) but non-shiny 2-piece rivets might work too.  Shiny would look tacky - pardon the pun.  The 6-8 oz leather should move freely but be stiff enough to puff out and provide some protection. 

Here it looks like they might have just punched holes and run heavy colored cord though it(?)   Just wear a generic poofy renny shirt underneath. 

Tyger Togs sells a tolerable pair of 'tights' with functional cod piece starting at $28. and the renny shirts.  He offered to make some with footies to wear with the common Landsknecht 'slippers' like Scott sells at  He has fairly frequent sales if you are patient.  

Maybe not SUnday-go-to-court guarb but a start. 



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