How period are painted helmets for Landsknechts? I have an old Sallet that am I thinking of painting red with a double headed eagle on the sides?

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You should paint that one black, and get a mask like this:


I´m gonna take a look at all the woodcuts I have, but It would be nice to see it in a painting with colours and all.
*giggle* Trust me, we already get enough folks who hum the Emperors March from Star Wars when we go by...
i like Boba Fett's helmet better but I was thinking a period design... but if you really want i can break out the plastic helmet and face plate and come out to your events :)
That reminds me, didn't Dieter put a dent in his helm in the same spot that Boba Fett's helmet has a dent?
I have no idea but it does sonund like something he would do...
There's at least one extant painted sallet out there. There's a sketch of it in Medieval Arms and Armor (Dover 0-486-43740-X)
Do you have the picture?
There's a color pic out there somewhere, but not in my collection.
The middle illustration is of a "Black Sallet" . A munitions grade Sallet made in bulk and used by Cavalry in the late 15th century. I have no knowledge of its use on infantry since all illustrations of its use is on Cavalry. Also, I don't know of any documentation of this style sallet being used by Landsknechts.

Here are some photos of pained Black Sallets:

Painted helms seem to be a mid to late 15th century fashion. At least that is what my research indicates. With minor exceptions to the helm Annie Lang posted. It is indeed a late period hybrid Sallet. There are a few extant examples, although most don't extant that I have seen have a paint job.

Now, that being said, I can't really say that landsknechts did NOT paint their helms either. It would certainly stand to reason that with the outlandish color combinations and ostentacious dress, that a landsknecht would paint his helm in outlandish fashion as well. I DO have a photo of an earlier Burgeonet with red cloth/leather covering it:

Note the Painted Hybrid Sallet in the middle of the pic.


So, with the documentation of the leather covered Burg. And the existance of the black sallet and hybrid sallets with paint jobs, I could see it being period plausible, if not exactly documentable.

hmmmm, seems the site won't let me hyperlink images, so you will have to click on all the links.
It's not a Sallet, but here's a helm that's painted yellow on the right side and red on the left.
It's at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nürnberg.
Other painted helms were either just black, or black with yellow trim, or just yellow/gold trim.
I don't remember any with a double headed eagle (otherwise I would've taken a dozen pics of it).
I got lucky and obtained permission to take photos, but no flash and no tripod ... so the photos usually are not very clear, but certainly better than nothing, eh?




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