This weekend my boyfriend (who plays with the Queen's Court at RPFS) said that if I made him a German outfit he'd wear it to "small" events.

That being said, what patterns do y'all use for men's clothes? I tried using a Reconstructing History pattern for my dress (see profile picture) and it sucked ass. Yes, that's right, it was about as useful as drawing it myself - and I can't draw stick figures. So I'm going to you to let me know what YOU use for patterns. Is it a commercial pattern? Is it fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants? Do you pattern off of someone else's garment.

Discuss, and PLEASE help me get some good information. I'm already going to be stretching the "reality" of the whole thing because he's Chinese, but heck, he already dresses like English Nobility, so...

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a couple o' woodcts and two rolls of duct tape :)
Seriously? That's how I make my bodices. Well, friend yielding duct tape.

Just wrap him up and use that for a base? I could do that...
I recommend that you contact Amy and Brayton Carpenter and pay to get some patterns made. They are seriously professional in their personal patterning quality and "know their stuff". If I didn't know how to make my own, I would be using them for all my patterns.

As for the duct tape, if done correctly (not tight - it's not a bodice!) this can work as the beginning of a base for the Wams/doublet. However, I would recommend a snug pair of jeans as the starting pattern block for the pants. You will need to draw on the 'back-seams' and raise the waistline significantly (do not let him try to tell you that his hips are his waist, they ain't).
I'm pretty good at turning stuff into patterns, and he actually has a couple of dress shirts that would be a good starting point (that I have wanted to get rid of for a while now - this could be a good way to do it). I think he even has jeans that I want to put in the rag bin. Thanks for the ideas, sweetie!!!

You've seen Eric, right? He was at Ft. Mac last year... He has no waist (my little Buddah Belly), so yeah, it'll be a change for him. But heck, he keeps trying to wear his Venetians where he wears his Levi's so maybe I'll just do a 'Roc.
*pleasepleaseplease* Don't let him wear them on his hips - this is my biggest pet-peeve when it comes to the modern boys and their take on historical garb. *grin* Well, second only to their refusal to 'point' their doublets and pants together... Yes, there are images where Landsknecht aren't pointed in; but they still *have points* on their clothes - they just aren't using them.
I try - I really do. But he's a guy. It was better last year when he hadn't lost his suspenders, but this year they didn't make it out to faire. Oh, and of course when I loose weight, he gains, right? So his velvets are a bit tight.

But I'm gonna make it so he has NO CHOICE but to wear this stuff where it's supposed to be. Maybe make it so they - oh, I don't know - tie into the doublet. Evil, but it'll work.
Points = Historically-Accurate-Suspenders....*grin*

That was how their kept their pants up!

Trust me, I know this battle all to well - from the inside. *le sigh*
Your hubby one of "those" guys?
No, thankfully he *loves* his points (and is willing to helpfully counter the long-term, "But I won't be able to moooove in them" whine with personal testimonials and demonstrations of how much movement he gets while in his). But there are plenty of guys out there who ask about how to make historically accurate pants and then baulk at the high waistlines. *chuckle*
I think they are afraid of the "old man high pants" syndrome, and having things be a bit too tight in the crotch.
They forget that the high waist also gives them "young mans ass" syndrome (as opposed to "plumbers ass" syndrome). And yeah, things need to be fitted well in the crotch *(high and close fitting), but they certainly don't need to be too snug!
andrea talk to me this weekend and I will tell how I made mine.



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