Hey all I was wondering if you could share with me your pike drill manuals

My email is grafix_demon@yahoo.com

I want to do some research and explore if my group is correctly portraying the commands  and

If our language is correct.  I would like to see some of the manuals from the Europe landsknecht and if you have any copies of the original manuals of the time period.




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Sorry to be so late.

Here you have the German commands and descriptions from Günter Gropp
He made several resurches about this theme.
And the people of the BOL use them.
If you need help in translation make a note.
For questions I am at your disposal.

The problem we have is, that we did not find jet a real book of the beginning of the 16th century which ist clearly talking about the commands of the Landsknechts.
As I remember well we have clear commands only in books of the 30jear war.
The books of the 16th century are only talking about the "jobs" an the law and how to prepar a war.

Dear Zorg,
are there any news??

Use this Link

BOL Drill-Commands

great thank you so much I will starting up on that.

its to bad that I can't afford to go to the Hurra.



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