I am planning on making some pikes till next year but have great difficulties finding good pictures. Searching the net only gives you a lot of smiling fishermen.

There must be a lot of points in museums and some have online katalogs, but I don't know which. Could anyone help me with this? ( I already tried the Swedish historical museum)

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some long pike
Hey, Gustav! That center set of pictures 'pikes 1530' look like they are mounted on bamboo?! Are those euro pikes with weird wood or an accident? The last set of Swiss pikes is still offered by that ebay store, if one wanted to drop 1,000 bucks on shippping lol!
all apologies .....photo misfile the center photos are actually japanese yaris mounted in the european fasion/length uploaded the wrong file.Ben that set of swiss pikes sold at a CZERNY's auction about 4-5 years ago .I think the owner is trying to flip them on ebay

Within the next three weeks I will travel to the Landeszeughaus in Graz ( in Austria).
Dose anyone have special questions I should try to find out, ore needs a special Photo?

I will have a look on there Langspiesse but they are cut down to 2,5m. I think they have 200 left in that state of shortness.



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