Is there anyone who's got pics taken att the Royal Armouries in Leeds? Great landsknecht installation there. Need some closeups from that museum.

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There are plenty of picturres around, e.g. on the You need to specify what you are looking for. I do have plenty of pictures of the Landsknechtdisplay and of the Almain rivet that was on display until some time ago.
Details on the katzbalger scabbards, the straps wich they hang on to be precise.
Ah, can`t really help with that, sorry. My computer is also in repair right now so I can`t check whether the pictures show that detail.
How about throwing them into an album here? It's easy to do batch uploads via Flickr.
I didn`t do them so it is not possible to post them elsewhere without infringing the copyright of the maker of the picture.



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