I'm starting to make a scabbard for a Langes Messer, planning on a carved and stamped decoration and two by-knives. All the depictions I have found so far show little detail, be it decoration or how the scabbard was attached to the belt. I wasn't able to find information about suviving originals either so far. Does anybody perhaps have any kind of advice, pictures, or other references that might help me on?

Here a few pics showing where I am at the moment:

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e268/u…esMesser_01.jpg (Langes Messer in the wooden core of the scabbard (next to my Katzbalger, for proportions)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e268/u…esMesser_02.jpg (by-knives on the Katzbalger scabbard. with the Langes Messer these will kind of overlay, since the scabbard isn't wide enough to place them next to each other)

http://s41.photobucket.com/user/ummos150…ser_03.jpg.html (some test variants for the scabbards decoration, not final yet)

http://s41.photobucket.com/user/ummos150…ser_04.jpg.html (first trial stamped lettering)

Thanks in advance for all answers!


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Martin is at it again. Looking good so far.

I dont know about extant pieces from the 16th century. The 15th century ones are built as follows iirc. Wooden core of thin planks, wrapped in linen soaked in glue (rabbitglue) then covered in leather. Pretty decoration so far.

In this intsance I have not seen the byknifes above each other anywhere before though this might be a legitimate interpretation. Still, your scabbard looks wide enough, that it should be possible that they are placed side by side. But you know leatherworking better then I do.

As to how to attach to the belt, we see in several pictures that the belt is slung in a pretty knotpattern around the top of the scabbard. Less fancy approaches should work as well.


Thats what I mean.


Harder to see, but what I mean. Should from one of Maximilians Zeugbüchern.


There it is simply slung around. Should work legitimately for Lange Messer, too

Hello Hendrik, thanks for your input :-)

I think you have a point about the by-knives and it is something that has been bothering me all the time. Thank God I haven't committed yet (finishing a pair of these at the moment is keeping me). I will try and fit them next to each other after all. 

The links you provided helped me in coming closer to a decision on how to do the attachment. I will most likely go with a "invisible" one on the backside of the scabbard. 

I'll come back and post more once I get around make some progress with this little project.


You can find an "invisible" attachement on some knifescabbards presented in the Mühlberg-Ensemble in Kempten. Whether this is sturdy enough for a swordlevel scabbard I doubt but yet again, it's your project. I think that we have quite clear evidence for workable solutions in the pictoral sources I presented above and with the scabbard for my langes Messer I'll pick one of those (likely the pretty knot *squee* ^^). I guess what I am trying to say is, if you do an "invisible" attachement, make sure you got the sources to back you up properly.

Thanks for the pointer towards the Muehlberg finds - I have the publication, but didn't remember the knife sheaths in there - a good starting point! 

You're welcome. :-)

Finally got around to work a bit more on the scabbard, doing the leather cover and starting with the decoration. I decided to put the by-knives above each other after all, the scabbard is just too small/narrow (or the knife/pricker too large), making it look awkward.

Here's a few pics:

Pretty nice so far. :-)


Looks great!

Yesterday I got around to work some more on the scabbard, finishing the decoration and the chape.

The decoration of course is pure speculation, although the elements are mostly taken from existing originals of leatherwork (scabbards, covers, cases ...)

So, this is where I am at the moment:


And now it's black. Dyed the scabbard today. What is still missing is the suspension. I also might tin the chape so that it goes in color with the grip.



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