SRS: Actions of the Low Countries is back! Just to let everyone know, we have now been FULLY APPROVED for the Briones site! we will have horse to fight this year! HURRAH!

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I can't wait to see the cavalry in action!
I can't wait to see your Tross Olympics! What about the Earthworks competition? Or the roll your dead husband into the gutter race?
Well, at least one event *does* involve dead bodies... :)
very sad that I will not be able to go this year.
Damn that sucks. Is that the third weekend of southern this year or the first?
it would be the second weekend of southern, but also it is also that I will be buying a house hopefully in the coming months so i will have to save each dime.
Well, that's a fine reason. Good luck on the house hunt!
Yo Ben, what's up? Livin la vida loca here in the "Vaterland" and to top things off I even found a roller girl team! Back to topic. So where is Briones? I was hoping SRS would be at Ardenwood this year. (So I could litter again.)
Briones is right above Orinda here in the East Bay. It's rad cause it's WAY close for alot of us, though, so is Ardenwood. They were not down with having a private event, and now that i've walked the ground, Briones is way nicer terrain for our purposes. What was the litter reference? Seems somewhat familiar.....litter with bodies? Litter with your crabs? Litter by leaving your drunken rottemeister in the dirt? LOL. Will you come out here for this?
The Guild was blamed for littering in Ardenwood. I claim full responsibility for being one of the main litterbugs. Sadly I won't be in the US and A for SRS, but instead it looks like I'll be in and it looks like they have two drills per year. This spring is 310 peeps, 8 horse.
This was always a fun event. It's awesome to have a bunch of horse charge down on your pike square.



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