SRS: Actions of the Low Countries is back! Just to let everyone know, we have now been FULLY APPROVED for the Briones site! we will have horse to fight this year! HURRAH!

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ummm, I'd really rather NOT recieve the cavalry, thanks. That's why I carry this ridiculously big stick!

Seriously, however- I really do look forward to the chance to feel the ground shake...
rob - have fun carrying the ridiculously big stick this at srs...give katie a big hug!
hey do you still have my kitchen knife set??? i'm going to need it soon ludwig has signed us up for a group out here to do drills in a couple of weeks. drop me a line.

Ludwig: The link was Error 303:Verboten. Hey, what is with all this littering business? Is it jokingly or was there an issue with Bill? We'll miss you this weekend bruder. 89 reg'd so far so maybe we can get 110+ on site, lots of pikes. And I will be Sergeant of all, scary, huh?
I'm really bad at links. But the link was for the english page of the local German SRS-type event this weekend. So far 415 have registered, 14 horse. As far as littering goes Marty brought it up to Craig for Ardenwood last year. I was slashing the garb and left too much wool lying around. Yeah, you are scary as the Sarge. :)
EMERGENCY!!! The event is NOT going to happen at Briones, it is going to be at the same site as last year, due to drainage issues. The SRS website is bieng updated even as I type this and will have all of the information up soon. Basically, it is the same as last year for both the location and schedule, but alas- no horses. See the attached emails below for the confirmation, and again go to the SRS website ( ) to confirm all of this.

See you there! Robert Harbin (St. Maximilians) READ BELOW!!

The insurance can be switched.. and Camp Tam is good with it... Briones will refund all our prepaid fees.

Shall we do it?

Patrick Gaul
School of the Renaissance Soldier

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From: "Patrick Gaul"
Date: Tue, April 13, 2010 3:58 pm
To: "Patrick Gaul"
Cc: Names/addys removed~ sorry guys!

I am sorry to report this, but I just heard back from the Park Supervisor at Briones, and she has had to cancel the event. This last weekend's rains have turned our camp site into a giant mud puddle, and she fears that it will remain so for the rest of the week... more details on that later.

I have called Linda Mondot at Camp Tam and they can take us there this weekend if we wish... This will mean, of course, no Horse.

Camp Tam has much better drained soil in the camp area, but the drill field still may be damp.

Can we make the switch at the last minute? A lot will depend on insurance... my next call.

Stand by!

Patrick Gaul
School of the Renaissance Soldier
Rob, thank you for keeping us posted on here. I am looking forward to seeing everyone out at Tamarancho this weekend!
Camp Tam is a nice site. Sounds like it's been damp out there this year.
Damp earlier this month, but not scheduled to rain during the event (knocks on wood); I am sooo looking forward to seeing folks this weekend!
Amazing event! It was wonderful to see so many folks out there this year, "German Time" in the tavern was wonderful, can't wait to do this again!
Stephen's photos are up!



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