I don't know whether you have seen this already but it was fairly new to me and there seems to be no mention of it so far.

So here is the link: http://bookmarks2009.de/galerie/

Some more interesting stuff there. The Trachtenbuch is there as well. You got to look for it, there is no direct link available. Just scroll down the page.

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I have not seen this in color before. Vielen Dank!

Personal favorites:

http://bookmarks2009.de/wp-content/gallery/trachtenbuch/image83-l_f... - although honestly, this image does not do justice to the CalTrans Orange color of the print I have at home of this outfit. So bright it burns the eyes...


http://bookmarks2009.de/wp-content/gallery/trachtenbuch/image67-l_f... - the purple, the lute, the little green purse. What isn't to love?

So true. ^^

Thank you.  I've been wanting to see the color version for many years now.  I know there is a French copy, but I could not be sure the colors were the same.  Now it would be a wonderful project to use the transcription in the August Frink book to caption all these images :)


The french printed copy is stronger/brighter in the colours as Brigitta has pointed out. Well worth having for that small a price. But the pictures online are good, too. And the two pictures of Schwarz riding the sleds is missing in the printed copy for whatever reason.
Brilliant! Thanks a lot for the link!
Perfect, thank you.
Awesome! Thanks so much!
Woot! Vielen Dank!



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