Reisläuferkostüm des Andreas Wild von Wyningen. in: M. Flury-Lemberg, Textilkonservierung im Dienste der Forschung, 1988, pp. 222-233.

Volken, Serge and Marquita, Die Schuhe der St. Martinskirche in Vevey (CH),Zeitschrift für schweizer. Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte 1996, 1-15

Fingerlin, Ilse. Textil-und Lederfunde. in: Alpirsbach, zur Geschichte von Kloster und Stadt. 2001, pp. 715-817



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Great! Where can I find them?
In a good library :-)

But I took pics with my digital camera of the first and third and have a pdf of the second one, all of which I can send you if you want.
That would be great! If they are not copyrighted then you can put them up here.
I'd love a copy of the Alpirsbach article (I think I lost my copy somewhere along the line...).
Jonas and Brigitta, please let me know your email addresses ...
Hi Brigitta,
haven't received anything so far from you (Jonas message with email address I found in my inbox here) - could you please try again?
Weird, I posted to your Wall. Have you checked there?
Ah, ok, my bad. Got it & email is on its way ...
Thank you!
Just wanted to say. "Thank you so much!" for the articles!
I have a series of scanned images from the "Textile Conservation and Research. A Documentation of the Textile Department on the 20th Anniversary of the Abegg Foundation" book. One of them is the Wyningen costume (I say costume because it seems clear to the researchers that the set was made in a later period).

I know that Marion used to have a link on her website for the Alpirsbach finds (patterns no less!), but it appears to be broken now...



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