I'd like to get a dagger for my 1524/1525 Upper Franconian Landsknecht impression. I'm very new in this time setting.

So I ask myself... which kind of Dagger should I use?

Bollock Dagger, Rondell Dagger or Swiss Dagger? Were the Swiss Daggers used by German Landsknechts or were they exclusively Swiss?

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In keeping the the Landsknecht idiom, cheap

Probably a simple crescent or epsilon scabbard end in silver tone to match the Katzbalber  I am not very good at soldering or I would have already made one.  Not a critical project since it will probably be 3+ months before I have an opportunity to wear it. 

Image result for katzbalger scabbard

I would not even need the rivets sine I would probably glue it on to better match the woodcuts.  I probably need to double check locally for  someone who can solder cleanly.  I should have no problem cutting out the metal. 

I found these folks but their end is the wrong color and much more than I paid for the Katzbalger:  http://www.todsstuff.co.uk/todsfoundry/scabbard-fittings.htm 

The katzbalger one was expensive. But then most things on Tods stuff are.. :)

I will remember to look out for scabbard ends.

Thank all of you for your replies and your feedback - I decided to take a rondell dagger now and already found a beautiful one :)

Keep us informed! :)

This is my beauty :)


Very nice!



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