I'd like to get a dagger for my 1524/1525 Upper Franconian Landsknecht impression. I'm very new in this time setting.

So I ask myself... which kind of Dagger should I use?

Bollock Dagger, Rondell Dagger or Swiss Dagger? Were the Swiss Daggers used by German Landsknechts or were they exclusively Swiss?

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Very few Landsknechts from that period are shown wearing daggers in addition to their Katzbalgers but what I see shows rondels like:


Knights and higher rank Landsknechts seem to have continued to wear rondels either behind their backs or tied down to their right thigh.  Sort of a "quick draw" method. 

Landsknechts and Reislaufer had such animosity that they probably avoided anything that might make them look the same.   I wonder if the scarcity of woodcuts showing Landsknechts wearing daggers is due to some sort of ordinance? 

The ballock daggers seem to have been an earlier 15th century fashion accessory (following the basalard dagger) and had faded away except in Scotland where they mutated into dirks. 

I would vote for the rondel and when I carry a dagger that is what I carry. 

I've seen quite a few Landsknechts with Rondell daggers in "Landsknecht Woodcuts: Kriegsvolker im Zeitalter der Landsknechte". The point you're making concerning avoidance of everything that could be associated with the hated enemy is what I read in literature as well. The same time the book above shows some Landsknechts with "what-seem-to-be"-Schweizerdolchen. And that's how I got confused. I'll stick to a Rondell then.

I agree that there is a conflict between the Landskencht idea of picking up anything and using it vs that they were epic victims of fashion. 

At least there seem to be a lot of nice rondels for sale at this time.  Have you seen these rubber rondels for playing?  https://www.knifecenter.com/item/CS92RDNDL/cold-steel-92rdndl-ronde... 

Some where I had a wood cut showing two Landsknechts with their wrists tied together dueling with rondels but I just cannot find it when I want it. 

The typical dagger of the time is the bollock dagger. The rondell dagger is also common, but i think it is just for fighting. The swiss dagger I have only seen on woodcuts of reisleufer (swiss soldiers). Actually on most woodcuts the Landsknechts dont have a dagger, but you can see they have 2-3 even more small knifes in the scabbard of their katzbalger.


Nice and inspiring details.

Image result for katzbalger knives

I might be able to add some "eating knives" to my Katzbalger scabbard.  Then I might remember to wear it. 

Those seem to be attached just by a kind of strap... Wonder if that would actually stay in place. Are there any period originals showing how the smaller knifes were attached?

There have been some similar discussions here like:  http://www.landsknecht.org/forum/topics/scabbard-for-a-langes-messer

I was thinking either tacking the little sheaths down to my leather Katzbalger scabbard or maybe running it through some slits in the leather.

Image result for katzbalger knives

As it is I am having difficulty imagining wearing even my little Katzbalger on as thin and low slung sword belt as shown in many woodcuts.  I may "cheat" and make a double sword belt with one strap going around my waistline (which I need ;-)) and a low slung strap to let the Katzbalger hang just above my hip.  Sort of like this only holding the Katzbalger more horizontally:

Image result for double wrap sword belt

The artist of the time may have taken some liberties with the impractical looking sword belts like they did with the impractical little "dance slippers" that Landsknechts are often shown wearing.  Just a thought. 

I could wear my rondel horizontally on the waist part of the belt just behind my back. 

I think the knife sheaths are built into the scabbbard like this:

I saw that very pretty but expensive reproduction. 


These woodcuts look like the knife sheaths are just strapped down or at least that seems to be what the artist wants to show us.  Personally, I would want them attached by more than just wrapped leather straps but would try to make them look as much like these woodcuts as I can.

Now that I think about it, a reenactor friend made me a very similar little knife a decade or so ago that could use a home like being attached to my Katzbalger scabbard.  I guess that I have another project for the holidays (after I repair my lovely wife's Christmas present). 

BTW - does anyone happen to have a source for the metal scabbard ends?  In for a dime, in for a dollar. 

Do you want to buy new scabbard ends or do you want to find a historical source?

I was just thinking about new reproductions but it would depend on prices. 

I haven´t found any online. What type of scabbard end are you looking for? 



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