This text was wrote by our russian landsknecht Bernard.

May be you do not know, but in four days 20-23 June 2013 russian reenactors had their best Festival of the year 2013 and the largest russian project in medieval reconstruction, “Times and Ages”. More than a thousand participants, from 13 till 16 centuries, hosted in multiple locations.


Unfortunately, I can't tell you about the neighbouring camps because I was busy in our one. Because of  financial support of the organizers, we got the largest Landsknecht company ever we had in Russia

About 100 Landsknechts and Kampfrau from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Germany.

The German delegation was surprised that our costumes and armour is no worse than in the homeland of the Landsknechts. Also, even a close look could hardly distinguish an experienced German reenactor, Ukrainian, first time visiting Russia, or new recruit from Siberia. Overall uniformity of style and lack of regional characteristics is the consequence of our historical information space.

Level of costumes should be noted as very high, and growth compared to last year as "above expectations". More than half of the costumes were newly made. More than a quarter of the costumes were made for rich ladies and knights.

Beautiful ladies got experience on everyday dresses and sewed perfect ones. Dürer and Memling would be able to distinguish our girls from Renaissance ladies only because ours are much prettier

Level of home equipment also got higher. With great satisfaction I can say that there were no complaints about historical plates and spoons, knives and forks. Nobody now can be surprised with tents and trunkloads, but, as I could see, only Landsknechts had carts that were very useful for delivery of food to the camp and props for the tournament

Our arms and armors are nearly perfect. But we still do not have an armor for every soldier. At camp we had four Maksimillian Armor and a dozen ordinary 'three quarters'. Not less than half of them produced by Tula workshop where our Duke, like Peter the First, forges armors by his noble hands

Traditionally, the discipline in the camp was perfect. With our 'provos' and 'locotenant' soldiers were busy with their jobs and duties. The camp was very clean, abuse of alcohol and other bullying had never been noted as usual.

The Duke of Tirol also got level up, though last year he seemed to be at the highest level. His three-room consisted from the living room, bedroom and kitchen. In the bedroom – wooden bed, in the living room three oil paintings on the walls. Actually, it was an apartment good enough to take any President.

About the President is no exaggeration. During 'Times and Ages' Duke of landsknechts had already took the Minister of culture of Russia. The parties expressed satisfaction with the performance of each other. The issues of future cooperation will be addressed later in working order.

The main trend of Russian military reenactment are pikemen maneuvers. Several times a day landsknechts had maneuvers, trying to get together a company of fifty soldiers from different lands. Already on the second day of the Festival, this task was performed. In Saturday and Sunday landsknechts held up against more experienced pikemen from next door '15th century camp'. Both sides noted the consistent approach to this event and expressed their agreement in principle to continue cooperation. Now we expect a joint project on 15-16 centuries.

The audience liked our camp very much. People willingly posing for pictures with the guards.

Regards to all,


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Impressive:)! Great report, Bernard:) My sincere congrats:) 

Yes, Bernhard, you're right !

We, as the german reenactors, who joined the "Time&Epochs 2013", were very impressed about the high level of your group (ladies & soldiers), and we want to say a special thanks for the friendly inclusion at your camp.

Mit kameradschaftlichem Gruß


Willkommen:)! Always:)!

A most awesome display! :-) The quality of most german landsknechtreeanactors is abysmal so it is not difficuilt to do much better. All the really good groups are outside Germany it seems. ^^ Yet despite any low set bars, you simply did really well all in all. I need to brush up my russian and come over next time. Keep up the good work and put us to shame. :-D

 No need to learn Russian too much for coming to Russia:) We speak English and a bit German:) So you are most welcome anytime:)!

Thank you. :-) I started to learn russian some years ago and never properly followed up on that so it would be a good occasion to get a little practice. ^^

Good luck then:)!

This looks like a great festival, dear Russian friends!

It looks like exactly this way:), no doubt, dear Kapten:)




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