Triumph of Maximillian online at the Biblioteca Digital Hispanica

There's a nice version of the Triumph of Maximillian online at the Biblioteca Digital Hispanica, courtesy of the Biblioteca National de Espana

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Thank you so much for the link!  I have a few color scans of the pieces of the Triumph from chance encounters in books that appear to be 16th century in origin.  I've compared them briefly with this document and the color reproductions on the matches I've found seem true, but I can see they are not the same publication.  Maybe it would be fun to compare them if anyone wants to play.

Perhaps yours are from the Vienna copy.

You're very welcome, it was a chance find while I was looking for another manuscript.

Wow, thanks a lot! I've always wondered where these images come from.

A few interesting pieces of info from the Registro del catálogo:

  • It says "Publicación: S.XVI-XVII", i.e. it was published between 16th and 17th centuries. On the first page it says between 1501 and 1700.
  • It also says "Copia de la obra grabada por Hans Burckmaier, discípulo de Durero", meaning copy of the engraved work by Hans Burckmaier, disciple of Dürer.
  • Finally it says that there's another copy at the Albertina in Vienna.

I wonder who made the copy and when? Again, was this colored in the 18th century like some of the other copies?

Please observe that you can download the PDF:s by right clicking and saving, then you can study them more at peace. There are two files, 33 MB and 45 MB.

Here's a comparison side by side:


Great. It looks like the Altdorfer version. 

The colors on the Spanish one look so fresh compared to Vienna.

They colors do indeed look brighter. An even stronger reason why to find out when it was made. The Altdorfers were however done between 1512 and 1516, so the color schemes of the soldiers are genuine.

By the way, I just found out that they are exhibiting the Altdofers at the Albertina starting in September. They are also exhibiting Theuerdank and other masterpieces, so it's a must if you have the possibility. Vienna is a favorite city of mine so I'll definitely go. I added an event for it:

Note that the Albertina refers to this work as the Triumphal Procession.


Nice. It is not as close as supposedly the copy kept in Vienna besides the original but close enough to work with it in the mean time.



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