This is a message I had hoped I didn't have to write.
Me and my boyfriend are members of the SCA and we boght a tent from a Polich merchant called Matuls  in 2009. That summer we went to Cudgel with the tent and the cotton canvas tent that was suposed to be milldew treated and waterproofed got mill dew while standing up in the sun! Most likelt morning dew was the factor – but still – a tent should not get milldew while standing up. And during a brief rain it turne out that all the seams of the tent were leaking.

After being blamed for packing the tent wet and some other accusations – we finally agreed to ship the tent back, pay some extra and get a linen pavillion instead.
The tent was never delivered in time for next years Cudgel war so we lost even more money since we had to book indoor sleeping.
Once the tent arrived it was 3,5 meters in diameter instead of 4 meters! we couldn't even fit our bed into the tent!
Once again – the tent was picked up by a delivery service and sent back.
The next tent that arrived came in late October/ealry November when we already had snow. In March I had an extensive shoulder surgery so we never had a chance to put the pavillion up for testing until June.
When we did that it turned out that it was delivered with the wrong spokes (they were to long), it had 1,5 meters of rope in one piece for closeing when it should have a loop closing that takes a LOT more rope than 1,5 meters, it wasn't delivered with any tent pegs (which was promised when we talked to the merchant – we were suposed to keep the old AND get new ones which he now conviniently had forgot) and it didn't have a peg to keep the centre piece for the spokes wheel in place – we had to find a long nail…
When this was mentioned to the merchant he just said: it is a bit late contacting me now and I never promised you any new tent pegs – you got to keep the old ones and it's not really a problem with to long spokes – it would be worse if they were to short.
We ordered a COMPLETE tent – not a puzzle we have to put together ourselves.
Now I have just returned from Cudgel War where it turns out that the new linen tent also leaks from every spot where the spokes meat the canvas so all out stuff has to be gethered in the middle of the pavillion, some sections of the tent go much darker which shows that they are not properly treated against water.

Our tent is unfortunately not the only one that has had issues. At least 3 other tents that have been delivered to people here in Finland  have been lacking in quality. Some severely.
The most disturbing thing is however how the merchant Matuls is not willing to deal with any kind of reclamatios. He blames the customers, has bad excuses and just does everything to NOT have to help his clients get what they ordered.
Customer service is simply not in his vocabulary.
And since I speak Polish it can't even be blamed on language issues.

So please take warning and do not buy ANYTHING from this merchant! If you are unlycky and your gods is faulty you will spend an eternity trying to make him set things right.

And please do cross post to any other lists and spread it to other societies aswell!
I really do not wish upo anyone else what we have gone through!


Annika Madejska
in the SCA known as Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OP, OL.

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When one of our members ordered his tent two years ago it arrived quite late. No problems with leakage and such fortunately. What I heard from experiences of people I know that ordered from him, Matuls' goods can indeed be quite a mixed bag.

Well our tents were delayed, wrong sized, arrived in the wrong colour without notifying us… the list is endless.

What is even worse is that some of my friends used a pavillion from Matuls for the second time this year (it had only been used for one week the previous year) and when it started raining the tent didn't leak but it sucked in so much water that the canvas got so heavy that the center pole broke through the canvas! Inside the tent their 2 month old daughter was sleeping!

I really don't want anyone to have to go though what people have gone though here in Finland!

Well, when I get a proper historical tent, it will definitly not be from Matuls, that is for sure.



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