So since many of us are going to be at Pennsic whats the Plan?
Will we be practicing unit movement and cohesion during Landgrabweek? It would be the Perfect time.


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We don't exactly HAVE a plan :D except we will fight with our buddies in the Atenveldt landsknecht. Franz is the war mongrel for all of Drachenwald, so I think (and hope) that this will be somehow... compatible.

We should, if we have a chance, have a unit practice for sure! See you soon
Cant wait :-)
I was just thinking that landgrabweek would be perfect to get out there in armour and practice moving together and learning the commands. I mean a lot of us have never fought together.
Just a thought. I will through it Franz's way and see what he thinks.
Any one els have any thoughts?

You are all wankers and saftpirater and I will NOT be jealaous at all while sitting in Wisby.

In addition to that my shoulder is f***d up and Im not even sure I´ll be able to fight in sucks.
Thanks for being there and Im happy with the outcome even if some ended up in hospital.
Fighting- Exellent
Marching- Good
Friends- Exellent

Damn goog event, thank you all.



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