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Just wanted to pass this information on to you all, sorry if you get the same statement from a number of different lists!

On October 23-25 (Friday through Sunday), Historic Enterprises will be hosting an event in Poway, CA. This is an international jousting event that features some of the best fighters and western martial arts trainers in the US and throughout the world. This year the event will include a small ‘military through the ages’ village. Along with a handful of other well-known reenactment groups, we have been asked to assemble a group of German’s to discuss our historical military reenactment and general ‘camp-life’ with guests.

Participating Groups Page:

Home page of the Tournament of the Phoenix/World Joust organization:

Much like Fort MacArthur, this is not a faire, and customers will expect in interact with us as historical docents rather than actors.

In considering your participation with us at this event, please know that the producers are looking for us to demo in camp throughout the day; and as their own knights and the invited Western Martial Arts academy will focus on sword-work, they would like us to primarily demonstrate other aspects of a 16th C military camp.

Gwen has let us know that demonstrating gambling was one of the things she enjoyed about her visit to the DHF encampment at Koroneburg this year – license to gamble indeed!

Historic Enterprises (Jeff and Gwen Hedgecock’s company) is known for their dedication to history and its presentation. This event is sanctioned by the Royal Armouries, in London, England. Prior presenters have included docents from the Armory at Leeds and Dr. Jeffery Forgeng, translator of one of the pre-eminent translations of the Meyer Fechtbuch. This is not your mama’s joust; this is sport jousting with multiple events and scoring based on the historical jousting rules of Late Medieval Europe.

Let us know if you would like to join us for this event by contacting us at the e-mail listed below. At that time you should inform us as to any particular demonstration you would like to run and what size period tent (if any) you would like to be able to set up. Non-period tents are allowed but must be off-site or completely concealed each day at least 30 minutes before the event opens. Alternately, if you have extra space in your period structure and would allow guests to sleep there overnight, please let us know!

Complete event rules and details available upon request.

We look forward to seeing you!


Justice Andres & Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby &

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you already got us.... poor thing...
Can I bring a cannon and a gun or two?? I have lots of black powder and it's peroid
Evil grin…
If you are willing to not shoot them at any point during the event, then sure!
Good Afternoon!

In an effort to consolidate event-specific information we are setting up this post regarding the Tournament of the Phoenix event being held in Poway on October 23rd through 25th.
The most recent sets of information regarding the event and the involvement of a German camp being coordinated by das Heiligesturm Fahnlein include the following items:

The Festival of History website has had information submitted regarding the camp that will be posted here:

Event and location/services information for Poway:

Our space at this event is in the North Camp and is approximately 30’X40’. We will be close to Arena II (where the non-joust section of horsemanship skill events are hosted), near to the flush toilets (open before and after the event, porta-johns provided to the re-enactors camps during open hours) and not far from the front gate of the event. The site is expandable (our back fence line can be moved) and there is space for non-period tent camping for those who don’t have canvas.

We are including a posting of the “Reenactor 1.2 Guild” from Gwen, coordinator of the Tournament of the Phoenix event. If there are any questions that you have once you can read this document, please let us know. Hope we get to see you at TotP this Fall!

~ Justice Andres & Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby
Welcome to the “Off Season”!

As we all get ready for some cool weather events, mark your calendars for the October 23rd – 25th Tournament of the Phoenix ( Along with a few other well-know reenactment groups, we have been asked to provide edu-tainment at this world-class jousting event in Poway, CA . The event will be open the Friday prior to the weekend to provide locals and school children a chance to visit with the encampments and the knights prior to the Tournament getting into full swing on Saturday morning.

Having attended this event last year, this is nothing like the ‘jousts’ that many of us are used to. This is a serious, hard-hitting tournament; with games of skill as well as the main “make-them-eat-their-teeth” joust event.

It is well worth coming out to see!

Furthermore, this event will mark the first ‘dual Fahnlein’ outing of DHF/DKF, an event that many of us have been looking forward to for years! One camp, one purpose, one tremendous friggin gathering…*grin*

The event coordinator has been very clear in her instructions to us: We are to have fun! Gwen would love to see us gamble our day away, chatting to guests and talking ‘history shop’. Other in-camp demo’s are also welcome – but please clear any ‘military demos’ with either Justice or I first, as we will need to be sure there is space available for them, and that they don’t step on the timing of other Tournament events.

We are currently seeking information on the following topics, so that we can arrange the camp and meals to fit everyone’s needs.

Who's coming?
Who's bringing a tent? How big?
Who want to be in charge of the kitchen? (Cooking demos?)
Who wants to do in-camp demos? What demos?

Please note, our space is low on natural shade, so if you have the ability to bring some shade space, we’d appreciate it (even if this is just dropping the forward wall on your ‘historically decorated’ tent so that we can escape the sun).

We look forward to hearing from you, and to having an event where our costumes are weather-appropriate!

See you there!

Your Event Contacts,

Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby & Justice Andres



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