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First steps...

'The peasant looked out of his door one last time, at the muddied road down to the bridge, at the thatched houses huddled at the side of the street, at the pointed tops of trees beyond.. then turned and walked away before the village was aware he was gone, heading south to the wars, he knew not how, but he was to become a landsneckt!'

I am like that peasant, finding his way, where can I get clothes and equipment.. most importantly THE RIGHT clothes and equipment in a…


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Die trommel schlägt und schmettert

Good evening,

I have found a score of "Die trommel schlägt ind schmettert" with the comment: Aus Frankreich.

Can anyone say mi what was the original french song.

Thank you very much.

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A novel about a Landsknecht

Hoch, hoch, hoch!

Hi Landsknechts! I have written a novel (110,000 words) about Rolf, a tavern pot boy who runs away with a Fahnlein in 1523 to fight the French on behalf of Charles V. The story is all based on real events, and I have researched it as much as I can without making it boring. It's called "The Ticino Raiders" because of the skirmishes Rolf is involved in down the Ticino valley, and includes a few major battles including the disastrous siege of Marseilles; and the…


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How I Make Landsknecht Hosen (Slashed Trousers): Pattern and Instructions

I recently came across questions here on about how to make various German items of clothing, so I thought I'd share how I make hosen (trousers) for my man, Gregor. There are other methods, but this one has worked well for me. I’ve made Gregor two good pair…


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My new clothes

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My new clothes in action

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RARE Antique Delft Tile LANDSKNECHT Medieval Pikeman Troubador Trumpeter Cosplay

RARE Antique Delft Tile LANDSKNECHT Medieval Pikeman Troubador Trumpeter Cosplay

Merry Meet!  ON EBAY!  Perfect gift for the holidays for the LANDSKNECHT reenactor!  One is a Landsknecht Troubador or trumpeter, the other is a beer, mead or wine merchant with an interesting AUTHENTIC period handcart!

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Is it appropriate to put costumes for sale on this site?

I have stayed the same weight for the past 3 years and have decided to get rid of costumes both to big and small for me.

Added by Gottfried on July 20, 2012 at 6:17pm — 1 Comment

Preussen hyllas av Hopen.. Favorit i repris

Om jag kunde klä mig...

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Nyutgivning av Svensk Knekt

Kring millennieskiftet gavs Svensk Knekt ut i något eller några nummer. Syftet var att sprida de senaste rönen kring knektforskning till medlemmarna i Stockholmsfänikan. Det var då. 

Men enligt devisen "Allt gott kommer igen" så vet ni att det finns något att vänta på i mörkret. 

Här är en preview utan vidare garantier.



Added by Linus Ehn on November 9, 2011 at 10:15pm — 2 Comments

A guide to Swedish clothes (En guide till svenska kläder)

"Ware Swenske."

(Be ye Swedish.)

-Daniel Fallström

Making a 16th Century Swede, or, the clothes of those who fought against and alongside Landsknechts in the North

I have just begun, in the past few months, delving into a new area of deep interest for me, and it's incredible how things have come full-circle for me. My Mother has always been interested in genealogy, and found many of our German and Finnish ancestors having to do with the early history of…


Added by Aiden Jönsson on October 17, 2011 at 5:00pm — 6 Comments

2012 - Busy Year

Penciled-in Dates for 2012

Subject to change until confirmed

Landsknecht Hurra (Deutschland, Tauberbischofsheim): 17-20 May

Landsknechtstreffens (Deutschland, Osterburken/Adventon): 26-28 May

Assedio Canelli (Italia, Canelli): 16-17 Jun

Palmanova (Italia, Palmanova): 14-15 Jul

Wallenstein (Deutschland, Memmingen): 29-Jul/5 Aug

Pavia (Italia, San Genesio/Pavia): 7-9 Sep

Folsom Renfaire (US&A, CA): 13-14…


Added by Ludovico il Moro on September 18, 2011 at 6:07pm — 1 Comment

flemish territory and German mercenaries


I am in search of texts or of studies on the presence

of the troops or the German mercenaries on the Flemish territory. More exactly,

in a slice (edge) of studies between 1500 and 1600. As for the "  geographical location (localization) " of

my searches(researches), my "reference axis" would be situated rather

between Lille (in France today), Ghent and Turned(Shot) (today in Belgium), it

says in a general way, on the military activities of the…


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SLITS 6 - snart i din brevlåda!

Redaktionen har storsatsat inför nummer SEX av SLITS - för knektar som gjort det mer än 121 gånger. Vi varnar känsliga läsare för nästa nummers innehåll - det blir både naket, avslöjande och hårda bandage för tartare utan fjöl.

Ett tungt avslöjande kommer också att publiceras och det är inget att le åt.

Vi välkomar också vår långvarige medarbetare, fotogragfen Jens Borg tillbaka till mediahuset i Nûrnberg,…


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Rapport från redaktionen

Innanför mediahusets väggar i centrala Nürnberg samlar vi sten och våra reportrar jobbar för högtryck med det femte numret. "För knektar som gjort det mer än 121 gånger".  Vi törs lova ett rejält ansiktslyft mot tidigare nummer, eftersom de gamla redigerarna har fått sparken. 


Inom kort kommer viktig information som inte fått plats i papperstidningen att presenteras på den här bloggen.

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SLITSbloggen - För knektar som inte kan vänta på nästa nummer

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The start of Reenactment in Sweden, and Reboot of Nationalism

When in 1992 the idea of taking role-play fantasies into live action roleplaying on a national scale was played out through the swedish event "Trenne Byar" [Three Villages] there was no common way to present such an idea. There was no Internet to start with.

But let's not get that far ahead yet...

The concept of "reenactment" was very well known in the parts of Western Europe where national frictions lingered. Long before we got struck with it. Even the young America played…


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Der Weiss Konig

I saw this today, if anyone is interested, especially if you are close to Switzerland.

It's $69.03USD and $21.22USD shipping to the US.  The bookstore is in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Added by Greig Fors on June 6, 2011 at 8:22am — 5 Comments

Stuff I need to get done


  • Make hosen and wams connected, and not just holdup hoses with a belt.
  • Make a coat
  • Think about codpiece and peeing
    • Solutions?
  • Landknecht trommel
    • Decorations?
    • Price?
  • New hat
    • Proper tellerbarret or starfish?
    • Chin strap
  • Bonnet
    • Wool
    • Decorated
  • Ledergollar
  • Wood…

Added by Frederik Juhl-Hansen on May 23, 2011 at 5:30pm — No Comments


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