The reconstruction of Die Zwelf Monet as a dance debuted on July 3rd at the Known World Dance Symposium in Toronto. I was expecting maybe 10 people to show up for the class and had 25. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So there's finally a German dance to do at events!

Here's how it goes:
Part A:
4 measures (16 counts) - four alman doubles forward
Part B:
2 measures (8 counts) - 2 alman doubles
2 measures (8 counts) - the woman leads the man in a circle clockwise, back-to-back (see panel 6)
2 measures (8 counts) - 2 alman doubles forward
2 measures (8 counts) - the man leads the woman in a circle counterclockwise, back-to-back (panel 7)
Part C:
2 measures (8 counts) - 2 alman doubles forward (see panel 9)
1 measure (4 counts) - turn to face, touch right hands; man doubles forward as woman doubles back
1 measure (4 counts) - woman doubles forward, man doubles back; face forward again at end
Part D:
4 measures (16 counts) - 4 salterelli tedesci (salterelli in quadernaria, or in 4/4 time) (see panels 11 and 12)

Music used: Tantz by Haussmann, which is about 50 years later than the woodcut, but is the closest workable dance tune I had available.

A more detailed discussion of why I reconstructed it this way can be found in the handout posted on the KWDS-VII website as part of the compendium. Since this is new terrain, I'm open to other thoughts and interpretations.

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