'The peasant looked out of his door one last time, at the muddied road down to the bridge, at the thatched houses huddled at the side of the street, at the pointed tops of trees beyond.. then turned and walked away before the village was aware he was gone, heading south to the wars, he knew not how, but he was to become a landsneckt!'

I am like that peasant, finding his way, where can I get clothes and equipment.. most importantly THE RIGHT clothes and equipment in a marketplace where early medieval and fantasy/larp goods get bundled together, where are the gatherings? Who are the groups?

At least I have some companions on the path, for I have been doing Napoleonic reenactment for a few years and one group we work closely with also do war of the roses/Tudor.. and a bit of landsneckt.. usually at Brettan each year and I have been doing some weapon practice with them (I used to do western martial arts) and Brettan will be my first outing!  

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