I am in search of texts or of studies on the presence
of the troops or the German mercenaries on the Flemish territory. More exactly,
in a slice (edge) of studies between 1500 and 1600. As for the "  geographical location (localization) " of
my searches(researches), my "reference axis" would be situated rather
between Lille (in France today), Ghent and Turned(Shot) (today in Belgium), it
says in a general way, on the military activities of the mercenaries of Saint
Empire Germanique in the North of Europe... If you know documents, books (pounds),
internet links, dealing with this subject in particular, I would be grateful to
you for announcing me it... On the other hand it is also a set(group)
treating(handling) contacts between troops of the holy empire and "local"
troops (Netherlands and Flanders).... My reference period being rather placed
under the end of the reign of Maximilien and Philippe le Beau as well as the
beginning of the reign of Charles the Fifth and Marie's regency of Hungary...

Please note; I use a translation software for my
texts, thus please excuse these during possible errors of transcription ;)

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